If you haven’t had your fill of The Witcher 3 yet, CD Projekt RED is here for you. Releasing today 35 minutes of gameplay. 

The map appears to be as ginormous as it is beautiful. Gameplay in Wild Hunt boasts grand skylines and impressive draw-distances. The game is simply gorgeous and you can tell it is being painstakingly made as a love-letter to all action–RPG’ers.

Take a break and enjoy thirty-five minutes of Witcher–action and let us know in the comments how excited you are for this game.

Written by Eric Wendt

@ericwendt is a maker of web, music and filmy things. Gamer and overall connoisseur of all things poppy in culture. Co-owner of @funkedoodles & one-fifth of @pelicanrodeo & Editor-at-Large for @gameSLRP.