First Impressions – Battlefield: Hardline

Battlefield: Hardline is classic Battlefield action, wrapped in a whole new colorful and vibrant package … that is, if the rest of the game is consistent with the first few hours I spent playing both the multiplayer and campaign.

Hardline adopts a new persona and swagger not well known to the Battlefield series. Whereas recent entries have gone for fairly typical war stories, Hardline angles itself towards a big, bold cop show. Anyone who’s watched one of the many cops shows that are all over TV anymore will feel immediately at home. There’s a theme song near the beginning of each campaign “episode,” “previously on …” sections that bring you up to speed when loading up a save, and and even teasers for the upcoming story when leaving the campaign. Already I can tell that the team over at Visceral had a ton of fun making this game. The impressive amount of style put into the game really adds to the experience.

Hardline’s multiplayer hold true to classic Battlefield action as well. The class-style is a bit more of a throwback to older entries, with more restrictive choices in weapons, but I think this is for the better. With the setting of cops vs. robbers, there is more of an emphasis on smaller small-arms, leaving rocket launchers and LMGs as pick-ups scattered around the maps. For me, this makes the game far more enjoyable. The countless times I got blown away with a rocket launcher in Battlefield 4 was enough to make me almost hate them. Almost. The maps seem interesting enough so far and the game modes seem like they present some fresh ideas as well as providing the classics.

Overall my first few hours with Battlefield: Hardline have been very enjoyable. We’ll see if that experience holds up and I will get you my full review when I’ve completed the campaign and logged a few more hours in the multiplayer.

Written by Trevor Franz

@TrevdawgBD has been playing video games all his life. You'll often find him playing Minecraft, anything by Rockstar Games, or some game with lots of explosions. Follow him on Twitch!