GameSLRP and early access games

I love early access games. Sure, they’re a risky investment. Sometimes it would be more efficient to throw my money directly into the nearest trash can. They promise a lot of things that will never come into fruition. The game I dream up might be entirely a different game than the one the developers are dreaming. And I might not like the game they’re making. The developers could be lazy bums that don’t know how to make games and come to dislike making games. Oftentimes, the game might never come out. It might fizzle away after a year or so of work; the victim of foolish spending and incompetence in video game development. But I find that, most of the time, it’s worth the risk.

A lot of people that know me will know that I am a big supporter of Star Citizen. For me, Star Citizen is the quintessential early access game: Chris Roberts, maker of the classic Wing Commander games, had a dream. His dream was to make the best space simulation out there. He wanted to make not just a space flight sim, though, he wanted to make a first-person universe. A universe where you can walk around in your ship, take off, fly to another planet, land, get out of your ship, walk to a store front, buy a load of lucrative cargo, load it into your cargo hold, take off, jump to another sector of the galaxy, and sell your cargo at a space station that is also fully explorable on foot. A universe populated with thousands of NPCs and other players. I heard about Star Citizen and instantly started dreaming along with Chris Roberts and his team.

So where am I going with this? I want to focus gameSLRP on early access games. This isn’t to say we won’t talk about big AAA titles or what’s going on in the Sony and Microsoft world, but that won’t be our focus. I want to start showing you guys some of the games that some these small devs have been dreaming up. And I want you to start dreaming with them.

Written by Trevor Franz

@TrevdawgBD has been playing video games all his life. You'll often find him playing Minecraft, anything by Rockstar Games, or some game with lots of explosions. Follow him on Twitch!