How to: Earn $24k in 24 Minutes

Grand Theft Auto: Online – Strategy

I hate it when life gets busy.  Between working two jobs, taking online graduate courses, and having a social life at all – I’ve found myself missing the days when I could sit and stare at video games for hours.  Nowadays, I have to be more strategic.  I have to multi-task to ensure I can keep accomplishing the tasks at hand (usually researching and writing papers … and researching).

This, no doubt, also affected my ability to play great video games, such as playing in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Over the past few months I’ve been able to accumulate a nice condo, several vehicles (Mine are definitely cooler than yours), and lots of guns and ammo.  When this semester started back up, however, I didn’t want to lose precious time with my virtual character.  Instead, I chose to make the most of what little time I had on weeknights and earned cash in just twenty minutes.  Whether you are super busy with other responsibilities with no time to spare, or you are just merely bored waiting for your friends to finish a mission, you can earn some cash quickly in GTAV: Online.  Here is what I recommend:

  • $9,000

    gtao-patriot– Steal a Car and sell it.  It is simple, really.  This is Grand Theft Auto, after all.  Simply steal a car and sell it to one of the Los Santos Customs Shops to earn quick cash.  This is only allowed every few hours of Online Play, so why not take advantage of it?  Not getting much cash for that cheap motorcycle you ran over?  Look for a Baller or Patriot, and be careful not to scratch the paint!

  • $5000 – $11,000

    gtao-armoredcar– Rob an armored car.  The game alerts you when an armored car is in the vicinity, so stay alert.  I tend to have no trouble finding one in the North West corner of Los Santos (Near the AmmuNation Store).  Throw a sticky bomb onto the back door (while in your car) and simply blow the fuse.  I recommend staying in the vehicle until the cash drops – this can make for a quicker getaway.  Call Lester if you have to – $600 isn’t worth dying over.

  • $1,000 – $1,800

    gtao-storerobbery– Rob a convenience store.  My condo is located in between two convenience stores in the North West part of the city.  This makes for quick access to two sources of cash.  I park my car for a quick getaway, run inside and aim my gun (Conserve ammo when possible), and walk out with the cash.  To assure a sneaky retreat, I jump in my vehicle and go straight to my garage.

  • $5,000 – $8,000

    gtao-simeon– Deliver a vehicle to Simeon.  Yo, check your phone.  Simeon will text you a list of vehicles he wants to export.  Check over the list, pick one or two vehicles to search for and go find it.  I recommend higher value vehicles for bigger payout, such as the Landstalker and Patriot.  Note that you will have to evade cops and respray the vehicle before delivery.  Drive carefully, scratches and dents take away from the payout.

After all is said and done, and you replenish your ammo (including sticky bombs), you should have raked in $20-30k.  Now if only the bank would add interest to your account while you go back to your job the next day.

Written by Zach Goodsell

@ZachGoodsell has been playing video games for 16 years, but is unable to make the commitment to actually be good at it. Halo 4, Starcraft 2, and GTAV are among his favorite games to pass the time.