Mine and craft next-gen style in August!

Mojang just announced that their extremely popular game Minecraft will soon be available for your nice new next-gen systems, and the PS Vita to boot! The next-gen versions will feature greater draw distances, bigger worlds and will have all the features of the most recent updates of their last-gen siblings.

If you’ve bought the last-gen versions of either, you’ll be able to upgrade to the next-gen versions for only $5! The Vita version will be paired as a cross-buy game on the Playstation Network, so you will get the handheld’s version free if you’ve already purchased the PS3 version!

You’ll also be able to freely transfer worlds between the PS3 and Vita, but Vita or last-gen worlds will only transfer to next-gen systems, not back.

For full details, visit the Mojang blog.

Source: Mojang

Written by Trevor Franz

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