My Favorite Gaming Moments: Hero Hunting

Star Wars: Battlefront holds many fond memories for gamers today. Pandemic Studios’ hit title was a staple of Playstation 2 and Xbox-era gaming, a game found in nearly every collection and the game that domineered my time and the time of all my friends. My sister and I sank hours into playing split-screen on our PS2. One of our favorite things to do, was hero hunting.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, players had the opportunity to play as some of their favorite heroes or villains in the Star Wars galaxy. The original title, however, featured only AI heroes that were practically invulnerable. There were ways, however, that my sister and I could take them down.

For our most effective strategy, we liked to play on Bespin Platforms. For those of you who do not know this map, it is very open and features flyable starcraft for both teams and has a lot of places where someone could fall to their death. And there on Bespin platforms many a hero would find their fall. Literally.

starwarsbattlefront2We would strike out from the spawn point, sprinting to face the enemy, usually finding our quarry somewhere in the region of the central platform or one of the two bridges that lead to it. Then, we would bombard them with grenades. Of course, the actual grenades did nothing to the invincible heroes, but what they did do was send them flying. As they came towards us, slowly but surely, we would try to strategically place a grenade where it would send them off the platform to their death.

More often than not, though, death would find us first. Whether by some other normal soldier on the field or by the heroes themselves, we died before we could accomplish our mission. But that did not stop us. As we respawned, we were out to take down the heroes again. And sometimes we would succeed.

We got better over time, finding the right strategies for taking the heroes down and keeping the rest of the opposing force from hindering our mission. Time after time Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker would go tumbling from the platforms, and we relished the time when our “Bait” (the enemy we killed the most) read as one of their names. It was hit or miss whether our side won the battle or not, but we didn’t count success by the normal means. In our minds, we had won.