The new trailer released today for No Man’s Sky shows off the stunning scope of the game being developed by the Hello Games crew. It shows off some of the stations, starting off in some sort of space station and landing on another station on the planet below alongside a number of other star ships. Many of these other ships were notably larger than the ship that our pilot drove. They look to be more of freighters than the starfighters we have been shown mostly. All of the ships shone were unique in their own special way, though. A difference in placement of the engines, variations in color and wing structure–this game is going to have a lot of ship variety. I’m excited to see how big these ships can be and just how much variety there will be in the final game. After taking off from the planet-based station, we are then zoomed clear out to a universe view and jumped from one end to the other, showing off the exploration of this incredibly vast universe. It truly is jaw-dropping. But don’t take my word for it: check out the trailer above.

Written by Trevor Franz

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