Now I know we have an awful lot of open-world survival, hack-away-at-a-tree-and-build-a-base kinda deals recently, especially on Steam early access, but there are a few legitimately good-looking and exciting titles amongst the mess of terrible vaporware. ARK: Survival Evolved looks to be one of them.

When I first started watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but hold the feelings of a skeptic—we’ve seen survival games like this before, even with dinosaurs and, frankly, they’re all terrible. Why should this be any different? And that feeling lasted about halfway through the trailer, despite a pretty awesome opening section. The scope of this game looks to be pretty darn vast and it looks beautiful on top of that.

While it’s important to not over-hype games from a very early look, I think I might be carefully excited for this one. After all, there wasn’t a whole lot that was necessarily unique about The Last of Us, but the craftsmanship and  passion that went into that project made it incredible (not to say ARK will be the next TLoU).

Check out the trailer, though, if you haven’t already. It will apparently release on Steam early access in June and even on the Xbox One and PS4 at a later date.


Written by Trevor Franz

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