Super Time Force Review

There’s really only one possible future timeline that you should take, and that’s playing Super Time Force. Super Time Force is a giant cluster of insanity. Fast moving enemies, numerous friendlies and time rewinds all squeezed into your screen giving you a fast paced blitz to the finish line to save the day. Plus, it’s never been so much fun breaking the number one rule of time travel: Don’t change/touch anything. Spoiler alert: you touch and change everything.

stf2The story of Super Time Force takes place in the 80’s as the time travel is discovered by a man whose last name is Repeatski. An apocalypse happens in the blink of an eye and suddenly a future version of yourself, now labeled a Colonel, says he already fixed everything and saved the world. And because of this feat, you now run a time traveling team that saves the world, and has been tasked with saving other things in the past, like the dinosaurs and the city of Atlantis. The downside is, there’s a villain who always shows up trying to keep you from changing time. And of course you’re not going to let them stop you. You’re Super Time Force!

Each level unlocks a new character with different powers. Some shoot through walls, some shoot grenades and there’s even a dinosaur on a skateboard that bites enemies to death. The innovation with this is the fact that you have a limited amount of time to complete the mission, but you can die over and over and your new character you drop in fights along with the ghost character you just played as. This is entirely rewarding as saving your fallen self from death gives you that characters powerup and an extra hit you can take (think big Mario touching a turtle shrinks but still can continue). This comes in real handy when you have 10 seconds or fewer to beat a level’s boss. With one, you don’t make a dent. With 15 of yourself blasting the boss, you knock ’em out real quick. This also can cause problems as you play with a new character, erasing killable enemies from your past self before said self gets to the enemy. This can waste some efforts and cause more problems, but that’s what you get when you break the time travel rules.

stf3This game not only is set with time travel, but it feels like time travel as it’s graphics and audio are simplified to match the 80’s era where the STF is from. With a throwback to the 8 and 16 bit eras, STF doesn’t complicate things on the screen with all that detail. All you need is to see where people are and where the bullets are flying. That doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty. The audio also goes along with it in how classic it sounds. If someone handed you a modded original Nintendo Entertainment System controller that worked for your Xbox, only let you see the game menu screen and asked you to play it, you probably wouldn’t know any better. Yet the innovation in time travel makes this a very futuristic platformer.

Overall, this game is one of the most fun, and at times challenging, games I have played in quite some time. The mix of old school and innovation add to the greatness of this game. If you have the $14.99, you should really consider entertaining your future self with Super Time Force.


  • Time travel
  • Creatively innovative game play
  • Awesome characters
  • Funny, over the top storyline


  • Some levels require a lot of button mashing
  • Breaking Doc Brown’s rules of time travel!

Written by Kyle Embke

@kylechristians loves video games, movies, comics and making music. Professional fan, sans the paycheck.