Survival in SPACE … space … space … space …

Keen Software House has announced that it has finally implemented a survival mode in its in-development game Space Engineers. This comes through their statement that they have achieved two of their key pillars of development on Space Engineers, those being multiplayer and a survival mode. As this represents a new stage in the development of the game, they also announced that they will be increasing the price for those wishing to purchase the game and join the alpha phase. For those unlucky enough to not catch it earlier, it will now be $19.99.

Space Engineers is a game about building things in space. The game works off a reality-based physics engine where any small touch might send something flying off into the far reaches of space, forever tumbling away. Until now, most of the fun has consisted of players crashing massive ships together, showcasing the destructible blocks that dent and manipulate according to the damage they have received.   

Check it out on Steam.

Written by Trevor Franz

@TrevdawgBD has been playing video games all his life. You'll often find him playing Minecraft, anything by Rockstar Games, or some game with lots of explosions. Follow him on Twitch!