Trials Fusion Review

Trials Fusion for Xbox One arrived a few weeks ago bringing with it all the fun you would expect from a motorcycle platforming game. Trials brings with it the simplicity of a gas pedal and leaning forward or backward, as well as the complication of tricks and, in some cases, insane obstacles.  This makes it a game that can be fun for anyone at any skill level.

Trials Fusion Game PC WallpaperIf you’re not familiar with the series, Trials puts you in the driver’s seat of a BMX bike. Not only do you want to drive fast, faster than your friends ghosts riders, you want to do it with as few crashes as you can. This may not be an issue as you start the game, but the courses get harder. You also can’t rely on making your bike better through upgrades. You earn different bikes as you go, and can customize the look, but there’s no options to upgrade your bikes speed or traction. What you see is what you get. That’s not to say you can’t finish levels, but it may take some time and practice. As far as replay-ability, there’s not only tons if tracks, but hidden levels, and several challenges on every track to keep you plenty busy.

Fusion_Single_ArcticThe controls are really simple to start off. As the levels difficulty increases, so does the need for the timing to make anything matter. One jump may be lucky and could take several tries to get it again. As you get through more levels, you figure out how the physics of speed, leaning and jumping will work together.

It’s not the prettiest game out there, but as an arcade platforming game, it fits the bill. The locations for some of the tracks are really imaginative, not just in location, but also in the set up. There are some really cool tracks where crazy things happen, like flying through a frozen tundra, or a level of continuously moving tracks where the track slides perfectly under your bike in the nick of time.

Trials_Fusion_Polar_Accelerator_Gameplay_ClipThe audio is also very good, however this is also the part that can intensify frustration if you’re the type to go for perfection. There are two AI voices that guide you through the levels, however on some difficult tracks, restarting causes the voices to repeat themselves over and over. The game wouldn’t suffer at all without the voices there, but it sure can be annoying, especially if you’re struggling with a certain challenge.

Trials Fusion for Xbox One is a great game which is challenging and fun to play. As a platform arcade, really the biggest complaint is the voice over. As long as you can get past that and a few of the challenging tracks, this game is a great arcade pickup.


  • Lots of challenges
  • Interesting level designs


  • Audio on restarts extremely repetitive

Written by Kyle Embke

@kylechristians loves video games, movies, comics and making music. Professional fan, sans the paycheck.