As part of their Playstation Experience conference starting today, Sony released a new trailer for the latest in one of their flagship series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The new trailer made up entirely of gameplay showed off a some classic Uncharted elements as well as some new features, such as the grappling hook. To start off you’ll notice the incredible detail in the world and especially Nate’s character model. Also you’ll notice how the grappling hook hanging off his belt moves around freely as Nate runs and jumps and climbs and all that. I liked how the straps off the rifles didn’t have canned animations either, but had physics of their own. Also after sliding down a incline, Nate has mud that covers his back. Maybe that seems like a dumb thing to be excited over, but that attention to detail really adds to the game’s immersion.

On the gameplay front we got to see some improvements to the stealth engine; Nate uses a grenade as a distraction at one point. Also the improved hand-to-hand combat looks to be nice, adding some variation and tension to those moments and some options to combat. The grappling hook is quite nifty, allowing Nate to swing around and come at enemies from a variety of angles. There’s a new climbing nail (not sure what to call it) that is sure to be the target of nay-sayers and all matter of annoying people. The trailer also shows off some gunplay, but I didn’t really notice too much of a difference from prior games. Overall the new mechanics seem to make the game feel even more tense and exciting and overall more like you’re in the middle of a big-budget adventure film in all the right ways.

It also ends with a pretty big reveal, but I’ll let you find that for yourself.

Written by Trevor Franz

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