Why Borderlands 2 needs to be successful on the Vita

The Playstation Vita has not attained a high level of success, this is plain to see, even in the eyes of a Sony fanboy like me. I absolutely adore the console, placing it amongst my favorites ever (likely only barely sitting behind the PS4), but the awesome hardware is not backed up by software that would make it a must-have system. Sony’s promise last E3 to bring Borderlands 2 to my beloved console hinted at a change to this in a big way.

borderlands22Borderlands 2 was a big hit when it came out two years ago. The sequel to the hit original made things, in its own words, “Bazillionder.” It expanded largely upon the ridiculous amount of guns that could be pried off the thousands of enemies that would fall before you, added a new set of playable characters, and gave the player more to explore in the world of Pandora. The sheer fun-factor of this game (not to mention the great sense of humor) makes this game one of my favorites of all time. I have sunk hours and hours into the game, finding all that it has to offer and constantly upgrading my arsenal with bigger and badder weapons. Needless to say, Sony’s promise had me excited.

Having one of my favorite games on one of my favorite consoles was actually the smallest part of my excitement, though. No, in this announcement rang another factor: the Playstation Vita was going to get a chance to prove itself. If Borderlands 2 could run on the Vita, then we might see developers jumping on board to make more awesome games for the portable powerhouse.

unchartedgoldenabyssWhile having already proven its graphical prowess through games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone: Mercenary, bringing a full pre-existing console game to the handheld system makes a bigger statement. It says you don’t have to make compromises for your handheld systems.

So here’s hoping that when Borderlands 2 launches for the Vita tomorrow, it proves that the system deserves more attention. Should the game fall utterly short of expectations, it seems likely that the Vita will remain in its rut for a while as another proving point will not likely rise for while, if ever. Iron Galaxy Studios, the dev responsible for the port, holds much responsibility for the Vita, and I for one am rooting for them.



Written by Trevor Franz

@TrevdawgBD has been playing video games all his life. You'll often find him playing Minecraft, anything by Rockstar Games, or some game with lots of explosions. Follow him on Twitch!