Why Titanfall isn’t just for shooter fans

In order to understand how much I like Titanfall, you have to understand how much I hate multiplayer shooters. I’m serious. I had the potential to love them starting with Goldeneye on Nintendo 64. That game was awesome. Get a group of friends together, have a good time playing video games together?! What’s not to like about that? Even Halo brought potential. Co-op campaigns with friends? Count me in. Competitive multiplayer? Count me in too. However this started the downfall.

Everyone wants to have fun playing video games and Halo championed in the age of first person shooters no longer being for the casual player. titanfall2Sure my friends who owned Goldeneye always were better than me, but I’d have a round that I could feel successful. But something was different with Halo. Suddenly there was a game that was relying on faster movement and reaction. Play constantly so you’re not rusty, or stand around as cannon fodder. For a kid without an Xbox, this disillusioned me very quickly. I became grandma trying to play Mario for the NES. And no one wants to play like grandma.

Every Halo after that got worse. And then there was Call of Duty. For a guy who sucked at the Halo series, there was no chance with Call of Duty. Anyone remember Jim Halpert? That was me. And everyone else was Andy and Karen. It’s not that I didn’t want to be good but it was so frustrating I just rarely continued to jump in.

Prepare for Titanfall.

I had no interest to start. However at this point in my life it’s the first time I have a next-gen system, and first time I’ve had the ability to play online with friends. Of course those friends were talking about this game and getting excited as everyone else was. So as I read up about it, everyone keeps saying it’s different from other shooters. Sure. Heard it before. But everyone wants to play, so I start thinking I might get it even if I won’t play much, simply for the social aspect. Of course as buzz builds I find myself more excited cause the more I see the more I like the idea of being a pilot AND a giant robot.

The Beta comes out and it’s no longer just something that I’m going to just play here and there. This game is awesome, and even though it’s a limited Beta, I can’t believe how much fun I’m having. titanfall3It moves so fast, there’s a smart pistol that auto locks onto targets and then there’s all those grunts and specters.

Needless to say, I bought the game. I even bought the controller. The point is, it’s not just something the studio is saying about their game, saying it’s a game that will get new players to the genre and they can have fun. You don’t have to be a veteran of multiplayer shooters to get into a Titan-to-Titan fist fight and rip the other person’s arms off, or get a quick kill by sneaking up behind someone and kicking them. And you certainly don’t have to be an expert to be too slow at jumping on another Titan as a pilot only to get squashed. Plus if the new beta matchmaking works well, it will be even better for people who don’t have lots of experience picking up a shooter and feeling like they contribute to their team. After less than a month, I’m a full blown believer in a game who’s genre I’ve never liked.

Bring on the DLC maps and game modes.

Written by Kyle Embke

@kylechristians loves video games, movies, comics and making music. Professional fan, sans the paycheck.